We have 3 mobile kitchens and all of our team members are ServSafe Certified.​ Our experienced cooks take pride in serving tasty hearty meals.  



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We are capable of mobilizing within hours for emergencies or events and can feed 10,000 people healthy meals wholesome meals.

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Stewart's Firefighter Food Catering


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For over 40 years Stewart's has served hundreds of thousands of high quality, wholesome meals to people through the United States. We have served meals for wild land firefighters, disaster relief crews for the Columbia Space Shuttle Recovery Project in 2003 and Hurricane Katrina in 2005.  We believe our success depends on our reputation and it is the most important asset we have. We work hard to protect our image by employing well qualified people, utilizing modern equipment and setting standards that are second to none.

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STEWART'S FIREFIGHTER FOOD CATERING, INC. has served over 3 million meals and has traveled thousands of miles often having many obstacles to overturn. We are continuously looking to improve ways to overcome the extreme logistics of traveling hundreds of miles and feeding the wild land firefighters on time with great and nutritious meals. Over the many years, we have successfully overcome many challenges presented to us. Our biggest benefit has come from the understanding “while we try to make it an exact science there are many variables.” In our formation of plans and policies we typically have a backup for a back-up plan. We know these plans and policies are necessary to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction. 

Our understanding of this business comes from the many years of experience handling the logistics and challenges of feeding firefighters in the 11 western states. We’ve experienced many problems covering these areas. We have had our problems with communication breakdowns, inventory shortages, personnel problems, mechanical malfunctions and even Food Safety issues. But we have learned and will continue to learn to fix our mistakes by documenting all our problems and finding solutions for all through the proper channels. Communication is of vital importance when feeding the firefighters. If an employee is not needed to help perform one task, they may be asked to help with another task, so that everyone is allowed near equal time and rest.

Labor hours vary depending on the size of the number of persons to be fed and taking into consideration unusual meal periods. A camp of 100 requires less labor hours than a camp of 500 or 1000. If the numbers of personnel to be fed increases, we will bring in more labor to allow all of the employees more rest and to be able continue to provide excellent customer service.

Stewart's like to work a happy crew and our crew is happy if they are busy earning their wages. Instead of allowing employees to sit around camp without anything to do, or when the number of personnel to be fed decrease, we will allow employees time off for rest and relaxation at a nearby motel, as they are needed to help drive home.